Accuracy and automation are critical to ensure regulatory compliance for your company’s financial disclosures. Toppan Vintage’s Hive® XBRL, powered by Certent, is our intuitive self-service platform that gives clients complete control over reporting processes by eliminating manual workflows and inefficiencies, and improving turnaround times and collaboration.

Features and benefits of Toppan Vintage’s Hive® XBRL:

  • Direct connection with existing data sources to ensure accuracy and consistency
  • Multi-user collaboration, controlled by role-based access and full audit trail capabilities to easily track changes
  • Peer company search
  • Last-minute changes to numbers and text (no “pencils down”)
  • Integrated XBRL review tools and a team of dedicated XBRL accountant
  • Version control and permission features to reduce risk
  • Automated workflow to roll reports forward period over period, saving time and reducing stress in the financial reporting cycle
  • Comprehensive support and training
  • Native Microsoft Office environment, one-click EDGARization, and extensive creation, review and analysis functionality to streamline your process