Accuracy and automation are critical to ensure regulatory compliance for your company’s financial disclosures. Toppan Vintage’s Hive® XBRL, powered by Certent, is our intuitive self-service platform that gives clients complete control over reporting processes by eliminating manual workflows and inefficiencies, and improving turnaround times and collaboration.


Features and Benefits of Toppan Vintage’s Hive® XBRL:

  • Direct connection with existing data sources to ensure accuracy and consistency
  • Multi-user collaboration, controlled by role-based access and full audit trail capabilities to easily track changes
  • Peer company search
  • Last-minute changes to numbers and text (no “pencils down”)
  • Integrated XBRL review tools and a team of dedicated XBRL accountants
  • Version control and permission features to reduce risk
  • Automated workflow to roll reports forward period over period, saving time and reducing stress in the financial reporting cycle
  • Comprehensive support and training
  • Native Microsoft Office environment, one-click EDGARization, and extensive creation, review and analysis functionality to streamline your process
  • SOX compliance solutions

Beyond XBRL Filings:
As executive teams, boards and investors require increasing transparency into their business, internal reports must be created frequently and with maximum accuracy and cross-departmental precision. Toppan Vintage’s disclosure management platform helps organizations overcome reporting challenges such as versioning overlap and risky manual processes. Our team helps companies produce automated and scalable recurring reports that include narrative around the numbers, such as:

    • Board Packages
    • Industry and/or Finance Color Books (Ex: Red, Yellow, Blue Book)
    • Forecast, Flash & KPI Reports, Management Reports
    • Budget Books
    • Periodic Line of Business Narrative Performance Reports (Sales, Marketing, Operations)
    • Variance/Threshold Analysis Reports
    • Internal PowerPoint Presentations

Features and Benefits of Toppan Vintage’s Internal Reporting Platform:

    • Narrative Performance Reporting – Elevate traditional data-centric internal reports by seamlessly combining your company’s data with meaningful narrative to provide context and tell a story
    • Direct Connection to Data Sources – Reduce the risk of manual errors and ensure consistency, accuracy and confidence with the ability to connect directly to your company’s internal data sources
    • Easy Report Roll-Forward – Don’t recreate the wheel every month – instead, just update the report period and the data and narrative will automatically refresh without requiring any additional manual intervention
    • Version Control & Audit Trail – Eliminate cross-departmental versioning issues and report inaccuracies with report check in/out features, permissions and a robust audit trail
    • Microsoft® Office Integration – Efficiently produce and format reports working within Microsoft Office

Improve quality of your disclosures:
DisclosureNet, powered by Certent, provides intuitive and efficient access to public disclosures for corporate auditors and advisors, helps locate qualitative, unstructured information to establish best practices and performs peer comparisons with ease. Users have the ability to filter searches of SEC disclosures using more than 40 built-in criteria including industry, exchange, revenue, geographic location, etc. and receive automatic email notifications as soon as filings are published. Search criteria, search results and company lists can all be saved and easily shared via email across your team to maximize collaboration.

Features and benefits of DisclosureNet:

  • Real-time disclosure filings from the U.S., Canada, Australia and the UK
  • Full-text search targeting specific keywords viewable in context of the disclosure
  • Automatic alerts sent via email for keywords, news releases and insider trades
  • Access to the most current accounting standards, rules and regulations published by FASB and IFRS to ensure compliance
  • Ability to email disclosure documents to colleagues and save unlimited PDF versions