Toppan Vintage provides corporate issuers, financial institutions, filers and legal advisors with hassle-free, efficient and reliable solutions for SEC compliance and reporting needs. NYSE-, NASDAQ-, OTC Markets- and TSX-listed companies have placed their confidence in Toppan Vintage to manage all aspects of their filing needs. To keep public companies compliant in the constantly changing landscape of SEC filing regulations, we work in collaboration with our clients to file their documents in an accurate fashion. Our streamlined team structure puts the client first by simplifying the process to enhance accuracy and speed. You can feel confident knowing you will speak directly to an expert who will work alongside our production team to answer your questions every step of the way. We provide reliable 24/7 solutions for SEC compliance and reporting needs, including:

  • Global regulatory markets filing support – US SEC, LSE (London Stock Exchange) and HKEx (Hong Kong Stock Exchange)
  • SEC forms related to corporate activity, changes and announcements
  • Notice and access
  • Tender offers and proxy fights
  • Bankruptcy/class action notices
  • Section 16 filings for company executives and directors
  • Board of Directors communication tools including virtual data rooms
  • Form Ds and other filing requirements for private equity and hedge funds
  • Shareholder meeting materials, including Proxy Statements and Annual Reports, or 10-Ks and other ancillary documents, quarterly and annual financial reporting
  • Customizable XBRL filing options, including services for foreign private issuers that prepare IFRS financial statements



  • Annual Meetings & Shareholder Communications

  • CSR

  • Stylized Proxy

  • Notice & Access

  • Publishing

  • Design

  • Translation


  • Print

  • Mail & Fulfillment

  • DisclosureNet


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